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Needle Valve

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Needle Valve

The needle valves are items that are used to control flow and provide repetitive bubble-tight procedure in a bi-directional flow of a liquid. They are designed ideally to allow easy cleaning even in unclean service. This guarantees that your function is safe and clean. The needle valves have features that make it possible for one to achieve the preferred tasks properly. These product have mirror stem end in the packing area which allows easy operation and extends packing life of this valves. The combination of striking and somewhat tapered plunger, this valve also functions a screw that fits into what is known as a seat. Hard seat valves with non-rotating tips are also provided to secure metal seat from galling. High pressure needle valve suitable for up to 689 bar and graphite seals for high temp condition are also available. All these aspects make sure that you obtain the best from investing in the best valves models.

These type of valve product have a slim, tapered point at the end of the valve bottom that is lowered through the seat to control or prevent circulation. Fluid moving through the valve becomes 90 degrees and goes through a gap that is the seat for a rod with a reel made tip. These small valves are commonly used to completely control the circulation of liquids and fumes at low flow rates. The fine threads of the stem and the large seat area permit for correct level of potential to deal with circulation. While there are many benefits to using this items in which the simple design does include one drawback. Compared with other types of valves there is no way to successfully observe the situation of the screw or the handle used to manage the positioning of the screw and identify if the valve is open or closed.